👋 Hi, my name is Frans Peter Larsen

🕹️ I work with Videogames & Web

💡 Got many skills across the board

⌨️ My primary field is Programming

Milkyway Inn



Milkyway Inn, puts you in the role of the manager of an interstellar inn located inside of an asteroid. Visitors from around space will come and visit your station. Your as the manger is to balance the workings of the station and make sure that no visitor leaves dissatisfied.

The game is a Tycoon/Colonist Manager inspired game. Here your station will be visited and your job is to get all the neccessary objects for the visitors to leave satisfied. While visitors is the core of the game, then you have no way to interact with them directly. You’ll just have to understand their behaviour and make the station as effective to their needs. Here you’ll have to make sure things are powered, visitors can eat and sleep and do their overall goal.

The game was made in around 4 months for the Game Project Course at IT University we were given the task to come up with a game idea, present it to the class and some industry people wherein 10 project ideas were chosen to be developed on. Here my idea of Milkyway Inn got chosen and I assembled a team of 6 people. 2 Game Designers, 4 Programmers from class. But we also had some help from 1 3D Artist and 1 Music Composer externally.

A big part of my role was being Producer and Project Manger. Here a used a lot of my energy on keeping the team and the departments informed of of eachother, maintaining meetings and work structure, while keeping everything in the time span of a semester. While not doing that, I juggled between being Game Designer and Generalist Programmer with focus on User Interface or Progression Systems such as Tasks, Visual Indicators and Dynamic Menu Systems.

It was an extremely learningful experience due to the scope of the project, as the game inspired a lot of ideas then we had to constantly scope down and find mechanics that would benefit the core game experience.

The game was made together with Mads Engberg, Sven Santema, Rareş Popa, Steffen Kjærgaard, Jon Laursen, Alex Rymark Vorm and Ruud Castelijns