👋 Hi, my name is Frans Peter Larsen

🕹️ I work with Videogames & Web

💡 Got many skills across the board

⌨️ My primary field is Programming

🖐️ About Me

Game Developer with lots of curiosity for just about everything. I strive to be a Swiss Army Knife for Game Development - But I consider myself mostly General Programmer and Avid Prototyper.

It is hard for me to define if I am mostly a Developer or Designer, but I do have a passion for making something rough and polishing it to become excellent.

I value team working extremely high in my personal goals; working with people to ensure that motivation and inspiration is the high and making sure that the team is striving towards a shared idea.

I enjoy taking initiative for things I would like to see happening and have build a networking of amazing people, through the means of starting ideas together.

In my spare time I work on personal projects which usually involves Electronics & Microcontrollers, Photography, Graphics Design and Botanics. I listen to Podcasts in my waste hours and stay in nature whenever I need to clear myself.

My general goal is to experiment and establish pleasureable new experiences and getting people involved in the process.

👷 Jobs

🏛️ Education

  • Msc. Games Technology (Sept 2017 - Aug 2019)
    IT University
  • Bsc. Medialogy (Sept 2013 - Jan 2017)
    Aalborg University, Copenhagen
  • IT & Communicationstechnology
    (Sept 2012 - Aug 2013)
    Technical University of Denmark

🎨 Skills

  • Unity Gameplay, User Interfaces, Addressables, URP, PhotonNetworking, Editor Tools, UnityWebRequest, Virtual Reality
  • Full-Stack Web Next.js, React, Hugo, RESTful
  • DevOps Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes