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Pizza Panic

Category: University
Keywords: unity, itu, games technology, assignement, team project, 2 weeks, driving, pizza, local multiplayer, splitscreen,


For our 8th Prototype for our Game Prototype course at ITU Games Technology we were given the assignemnt of creating a Local Multiplayer game with some type of Exchanging. Exact requirements:

  • Digital or analog
  • It has to have an economy (resources exchanged among players)
  • Gameplay condition: the game has one loser

The game is about getting pizzas delivered before you run out of fuel. As you deliver pizza’s you get some of your fuel back. When taking Multiplayer into account, then players have to fight for delivering specific types of Pizzas. Example, Player 1 and Player 2 both have the objective of delivering a Red Pizza, but there is only one red pizza in the world, so they have to fight for the pizza in order for them not to run out of fuel. Fighting works by driving into eachother, as a player hits another player they both drop whatever they have picked up. An arrow above each player indicates where their current objective is and what colour pizza they need to have. When the player have picked up the (right colored) pizza their arrow will point towards the destination which is also indicated by a fading glow around the building. Lastly for the losing condition is whichever player who lost all their fuel first.

The game is played using X360 controllers (Other controllers not tested)

  • Right Trigger - Accelerate (Forward)
  • Left Analog - Steering
  • Left Trigger - Accelerate (Backward)
  • Button A - Brake
  • Button B - Horn
  • Button Y - Reset Car
  • Button X - Boost

The game was made together with Sven Santema, Mads Engberg, Alex Rymark Vorm and Rareş Popa