👋 Hi, my name is Frans Peter Larsen
🕹️ I work on Videogames
💡 I love Rapid-Prototying
⌨️ My primary field is Programming

Dial Toner

Category: Other
Keywords: electronics, arduino, shitty devices series, keypad, speakers,


For my fourth device in the shitty device series I have made a Dialer. Using the keypad the user “call” any number which will output the common DTMF tones. You can choose to record a specific set of numbers and then play them back, creating a sort of a sequencer also.

It uses an Arduino Nano, 3x4 keypad, 9V battery, two piezo speakers for tones, and a toggle switch to turn it on and off.

The device is part of my “shitty devices” series which is a series for me to get more experience with electronics and new or different input/output modalities and just making some neat gifts for my friends. The series have some criterias for fun, which are:

  • Needs some kind of input and output.
  • Should be interesting, but not usuable to TOO cool - After all, they are shitty!
  • Needs to be done inside a small transparent enclosure.