👋 Hi, my name is Frans Peter Larsen
🕹️ I work on Videogames
💡 I love Rapid-Prototying
⌨️ My primary field is Programming

Adj. Scrambler

Category: Other
Keywords: electronics, arduino, shitty devices series, keypad, speakers,


For my third device in the shitty device series I have made a Adjective Randomizer. When the device is started the user is presented with a “Press button to search” on the display. When the user holds down the button it will then start “searching”, as you let go of the button a random adjective will be presented on the display. You can then proceed to do this to get more random adjectives.

The device contains an Arduino Nano, 16x2 LCD, toggle switch, button, piezo speaker, 9V battery.

The device is part of my “shitty devices” series which is a series for me to get more experience with electronics and new or different input/output modalities and just making some neat gifts for my friends. The series have some criterias for fun, which are:

  • Needs some kind of input and output.
  • Should be interesting, but not usuable to TOO cool - After all, they are shitty!
  • Needs to be done inside a small transparent enclosure.