👋 Hi, my name is Frans Peter Larsen
🕹️ I work on Videogames
💡 I love Rapid-Prototying
⌨️ My primary field is Programming

Car Herder

Category: Game-Jam
Keywords: unity, 48h, car, boid,


Car Herder is a Local Multiplayer game about herding a flock of cars towards you. The game was inspired and is a analogy of herding sheeps. But instead we tried make some other kind of objects more animated, in which we choosed police cars herding civilian cars on a parking lot.

Initially we liked the idea of chasing a flock of boids. We implemented this fairly quickly and got a prototype up and running. This resulted in being actually super fun and we had some great demos. The game was intially a Singleplayer game where you had to take care of your sheeps. But we quickly realised that it was super hard to maintain the direction of the Boids. After some brainstorming we went with a simplified and focused design where we just wanted to chase and “push” the flocks in a local multiplayer setting.

For the game I worked as a Programmer on the Car Controller, a lot of the visual and audio feedback. I also did some of the lighting design, level design and 3D models.

The game was made together with Mads Engberg, Rareş Popa, Alex Rymark Vorm, Andreas Ryge and Maja Daniela Hansen.


The game requires Xbox Controllers. Can be played from 1-4 players (1 doesn’t really make sense though, but feel free!).

  1. You join the game by pressing Start (Your policecar will be coloured)
  2. Everyone must hold down A to start the game (Also button to activate the Siren!)

Game starts!

  • Right Trigger to Accelerate
  • Left Trigger to Deaccelerate
  • Left Analog to Steer